Albuquerque Botanical Gardens

My old camera cell phone was laggy and blurry, and it had developed an odd distortion, which created some oddly affecting photographs at times but became difficult to work around.

A typical distorted shot from my old camera:


I bought a new camera this week, and I’m re-learning all about aperture, ISO, shutter speed, the rule of thirds, etc. The camera tagged along with me to the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens and Aquarium yesterday. Here are a few of my favorite shot from the trip:

Bee on a flower. (The photographer in me was pretty happy with the outcome; the writer is disappointed because I failed to note the name and type of flower. I’ve made a mental note to bring a notepad on future photo shoots.)


Prickly pear:






I prefer the next picture I took of the horse, and I have many more lovely shots of flowers and butterflies. Perhaps a future post.

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